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Mason Mazzuca was a warrior and superhero who fought his T cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia all the way through March 9, 2018 when he was finally free of his pain. He inspired all who surrounded him to turn to the positive, live every moment to the fullest and to always "choose joy".  Mason lived more in his six years than many do in a lifetime.

We have been deeply moved by the village of support we received throughout Mason's treatment and to all the other warriors we watch battle with grace. With that inspiration we are moving forward, turning to the positive and have formed this foundation, the MasonStrong Village.  With your help, the MasonStrong Village can carry out it's mission: to provide comprehensive support for pediatric oncology patients and families by facilitating connections to resources, connecting families with similar diagnoses, funding research for cures ad spreading joy and hope.



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